Assistant Clerk: Margaret Weber
Records Clerk: Diana Barry
Clerk: Sophia Belade

Mayor: Mark A. Lauretti
Administrative Assistant: Thomas Taylor
To contact the mayor, call 203-924-1555 ext. 11

Board of Aldermen
Ward 1
John “Jack” Finn (D)
Anthony Simonetti (R)

Ward 2
Stanley Kudej (R)
Eric McPherson (R)

Ward 3
John Anglace Jr. (R)
Lynn Farrell (R)

Ward 4
John Papa (R)
Noreen McGorty (R)

Board of Aldermen Committees
Finance Committee (meets fourth Thursday)
Public Health & Safety (meets first Wednesday)
Street Committee (meets first Tuesday)
Public hearings on ordinances (fourth Thursday)

Raymond O’Leary

Board of Apportionment and Taxation
Judson W. Crawford (D)
Jimmy Tickey (D)
Charlotte L. Madar (R)
Wayne Bragg (D)
Christopher Besescheck (R)
John Belden (R)

Finance Director
Louis Marusic
Paul Hiller, Acting Director
The Finance Department can be reached at 203-924-1555 ext. 318

Tax Collector
Deborah Onderko
The Tax collector’s office can be reached at 203-924-1555 ext. 328

Tax Assessor
William Gaffney. To contact the assessor’s office, call 203-924-1555 ext. 14

Registrars of Voters
John “Jack” Finn (D)
Peter Pavone (R)

School Superintendent
Freeman Burr

Board of Education
Timothy Walsh (D)
Thomas Minotti (R)
Win Oppel, Chmn (R)
Arlene Liscinsky (D)
Mark Holden (R)
John J. Francino-Quinn (R)
James Orazietti (D)
Kathleen T. Yolish (R)
Mike Pacowta (D)

Planning & Zoning Commission
Ruth Parkins, (R) Chairman
Virginia Harger (R)
Anthony S. Pogoda, Jr. (R)
Thomas McGorty (R)
Elaine Matto (D)
Joan Flannery (D)
Alternate Members
Nancy Dickal (D)
Joshua Kopac (R)
The Planning and Zoning Administrator is Richard Schultz.The office can be reached at 203-924-1555 ext. 361

Economic Development Director
Mayor Mark Lauretti serves as the city’s economic development director.

Economic Development Commission
Frederick Ruggio, Chairman
Karen Tomko-McGovern
Douglas Dempsey
Kathleen McNichols-Marks, Vice Chairperson
Patrick Carey

Shelton Economic Development Corporation
James Ryan, President
Fred Ruggio
Patrick Carey
Anthony Pogoda Jr.
Kenneth Schaible
Martin Coughlin
Aleta Miner
Ralph Matto
David Grant
Michelle Kawalautzki
Norman Santa and William C. Partington
Ruth Parkins
James Cosgrove

Conservation Commission
Thomas W. Harbinson, Chairman
William Dyer, Cice Chairman
James Tate
Sheri Maybeck Dutkanicz
Edward P. McCreery III
James Goodman
Joseph Welsh
Staff: Teresa Gallagher, Conservation Agent, 203-924-1555 x315

Library Board of Directors
Barbara W. Glover, Chairman
Jean A. Cayer
Harriet H. Finn
Jim Geissler
Shirley Keller
Aleta A. Minor

Director of Public Works
Paul DiMauro

Animal Control Officer
Sheryl Taylor
Shelton Animal Shelter, 20 Riverdale Avenue, Shelton

Purchasing Official
Gene Sullivan

Acting Building Inspector
Joseph Ballaro

Police Chief
Joel W. Hurliman

City Sheriffs
Joseph DeFilippo, Carl Sylvester

Fire Chief
Fran Jones

Fire Marshal
James Tortora

Emergency Management
Shelton’s Emergency Management Department is led by Director John V. Millo, Deputy Director Justin Sabatino and Assistant Director Daniel E. Bednarsky. The department’s task is to coordinate city departments and link the city with other local, regional, state and federal emergency response agencies. In the event of an emergency, the department provides information to Shelton residents through the Huntington Herald and other news media organizations and also posts the information on its Web site at

Corporation Counsel
Thomas J. Welch
Ramon S. Sous